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Sunday, May 29, 2005


less than impressed

I found Glover's improvography to be little improv--the choreographed moves of Glover and his students? made up 80% of the show. The loud tapping of Glover overshadowed the band much of the time and didn't add a lot of rhythmic substance or variety. (at times it was monotonous) The band was good (wonderful bass!, subtle drumwork, good horns and piano) and when the tapping became part of the music (when the students tapped--and some of Glover's work) the whole thing came off better to me. I could see that Glover was working hard and that his tap skill is high, but there seemed to be confusion about the focus of the show--him, the band (and its music), improv (not much, a lot of repetition and choreography), or something else.

Edwin Gardner

We all left after 10 minutes of acute auditory distress. The tapping is in the high frequency range of the sound spectrum, near that of a pistol shot or the crack of a whip - definitely not very clever to amplify that massively and project it at the human ear. I say Glover flunks a rule of Performance 101: "Do not inflict severe physical pain on your audience."

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