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Saturday, May 28, 2005



Grab your Sunday paper and a large cup of Java for the following reviews:

Here's a hint: Mabou Mines' Dollhouse by Dottie Ashley: "A word to the wise: Don’t succumb to the urge to make an exit after the first act, as did five people seated on my row.
True, the high, child-like voice of Mitchell in the role of the obedient Nora Helmer might grow tiresome after a fashion. But the second and third acts of this imaginative, risk-taking three-hour work become increasingly riveting as strobe lights and a shattering shifting of objects signify the panic that overwhelms Nora when she thinks her husband will find out she secretly borrowed money to, in effect, save his life."

The Music in Time series presented two North American premieres of contemporary music. Carol Furtwangler appreciates more than the music...
"But some of us remember the first audiences 15 years ago – sparse indeed – and are glad Kennedy, with his boyish good looks and boundless enthusiasm, has persevered, becoming a staple of Spoleto Festival USA in the process."

Mary Solomon reviewed the Lovell sisters, teens who have a concert during Piccolo Spoleto:
"Though most of yesterday’s audience was made up of adults, who thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated what they heard, it would be a great way for parents to reinforce dedication, diligence, and practice for any aspiring young musician in their household."

Full links to the reviews will be posted in the morning.

Stephanie, Spoleto Today editor


Dining at Mistral was the usual good fare but indicatitions prevailed throughout the town that area restaurants might not have anticipated the number of diners in town - A late departure was further excited by the staff of ONE at the parking garage off Cumberland - she held up quite a few with only one lane operating causing 15 anxious minutes - finally got out at 8:58 for show at 9PM - Then spent another 15 minutes later that night at George St parking garage leaving after show - another one gate exit- advise all to plan their time better and patrons expect delays - but it is not an excuse for the parking lot barons, at least let's get all the exit gates working 30 minutes before the hour - Thanks, HB

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