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Wednesday, June 08, 2005



In a time when opera companies are desperate to program works that a) aren't the same 20 ones (Boheme, Carmen, Traviata etc.) or b) noisy and modern and difficult (Wozzeck, anything by Birtwistle), Die Vogel should be programmed all over the place. I've not seen a performance of it, but the recording on Decca is glorious, revealing a beautiful, well-constructed opera that is tuneful, memorable and says something. It *is* a problem: how to get people to come to an opera that is unknown even among opera fans, but one that, if they go, they'd likely really enjoy? I have no solutions other than a big outreach effort, but it's worth it.

Other beautiful, tuneful operas that people would love if they only got a chance to hear them:

Korngold: Die Tote Stadt
Schreker: Der Ferne Klang
Schreker: Die Gezeichneten
Schreker: Der Schatzgraber
Zemlinsky: Der Zwerg
Respighi: Campana Sumersa
Respighi: Flammen
Franchetti: Cristoforo Columbo
Pfitzner: Palestrina

There's dozen of others that are viable. Hopefully, someone taped the Die Vogel so that it'll circulate on the live opera performance boards.

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