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Monday, June 06, 2005


Stephanie Harvin, SpoletoToday editor

From our P&C copy editor, Walter Julian, who has edited both Bob Jones and Blair Tindall:

When Bob Jones died, I was curious -- actually, I was worried -- about what we'd do about a lead Spoleto critic. The width and breadth of the knowledge that man had archived in his brain was astounding. He could be difficult to deal with and didn't seem to understand the function of paragraphs; but I never failed to enjoy his columns, and I'm not sure it's possible to calculate the value he added to our Spoleto coverage.

Blair Tindall has been refreshing. Her columns are insightful. They are reader-friendly. And every now and then she'll drop in a little gem that just makes me go "wow." I hope that hiring her for this year's festival is going to set the pattern for the future.

Janet Edens

I shall first confess my ties; I am employed by the Post and Courier and on a very friendly basis with Daniel Conover. But, I must say that the reworked "Dollhouse" was incredibly powerful. I saw it Saturday, the revamped, slimmer production with the re-included, controversial scene (hilarious!). The last scene was so intense and disturbing that I have carried it with me for the last 24 hours and expect I'll have it much longer. A marvelous thing, art is, that it entertains you, provokes you and moves you. I don't think you can ask much more from any creative endeavor. I loved the play. I can't say that I enjoyed every second but it made me think and analyze and engage in conversation with others about it. Isn't that the point of art? To shake you from your every day routine? It's what a thinking person seeks from the performing arts. Well-done.

Monique Schwartz

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