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Sunday, June 12, 2005


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Can it now be told that Blair Tindall was a right-wing mole from the conservative New York Sun?

Contrary to the rave reviews and articles from the mainstream media and theatre-specific websites, the November 25, 2003 Sun review by Jeremy McCarter labeled the play "gimmickry, unworthy of an undergrad," and a "silly deconstruction." That's not how the Norwegian press or the NY experts saw it. (The Sun did praise the actor playing Nora -- which Tindall found irritating.)

The blog references a New York Sun article on the Festival, suggesting that Tindall was that paper's mole against Doll House in general and perhaps the director in particular. It appears that Tindall was guided (instructed) to follow the Sun's sophomoric reviewer. Don't the Charleson papers do a due-diligence review of reviewers?

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