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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Macy Frampton

I purchased 6 advance tickets for "Dollhouse"...selecting far in advance what I thought my friends would enjoy when they came to Spoleto for the first time. Then I received an email notice about an offer to buy one ticket...get a ticket for free...for all "Dollhouse" performances! I was furious that we had paid full price and supported this endeavor before hearing any reviews. Discount offers have been made in other Spoleto years after I have purchased my tickets and I don't think the practice treats the faithful Spoleto supporter very well. Please think of a way to not mistreat your loyal supporters! By the way: we all thoroughly enjoyed "Dollhouse"! The ending was powerful. Also...I took a chance and went to the Memminger on Friday night hoping to find 2 tickets to "Don Giovanni". I DID! I found two different people who had an extra ticket because of illness. So my advice to anyone really wanting to see a sold-out performance ... go and try your luck. It was an unbelievable experience seeing that opera. Macy Frampton, McClellanville, SC

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